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COMTECH Ltd. is a middle sized 100% Hungarian private property company established in 1990 for developing and manufacturing optical and broadband telecommunication devices. 15 years later Comtech made a strategic alliance with a small Hungarian company to cooperate in production of power network monitoring products. By now besides the well matured HFC (Hybrid Fiber-Coax) product line, the power network monitoring products grew to a deterministic factor of Comtech future.

Regarding the HFC business line, the portfolio covers all the transmission and element management layers of a CATV system with all its needed accessories. The wide product range, the ideal headcount and the high qualified development group with more than 30 years experience make possible to satisfy fast even the special customer needs.

Our flexibility is supported by the fact that the management, development, sales, logistics and manufacturing departments are placed at the same location in Győr, at the North-Western border of the country. The quality of COMTECH products is warranted by the ISO 9001 certification, while our technical awareness is ensured by the SCTE membership. Further, as a trusted partner of more hundred service providers worldwide we not only prepare the desired products but give either system or device level help even at the field.

We know that our market leader role in Hungary draws engagements too. Accordingly COMTECH patronizes the secondary professional education and keeps an efficient relationship with the technical university of the region. Along the same lines our company aspires to be worker friendly - this is justified by the health preserving programs and sport purpose fringe benefits.




  • Foundation of COMTECH for developing and producing CATV based dispatcher and alarm systems as well as modems.

  • Introduction of the first transmission purpose passive devices.

  • New product family of compact broadband amplifiers with tin housing.

  • First export deliveries.

  • Taking in the die cast housing for outdoor devices.

  • COMTECH sells it's first optical device.
    Changing head quarter because of company growth.

  • The firm earns the ISO 9001 certification.

  • Complete optical/RF headend equipment is developed.
    COMTECH releases it's network element management system.

  • The first complex taylor-made development project finishes.

  • COMTECH introduces the upgrade and repair service.

  • 25 years anniversary.
    2.500.000 sold products, 200.000 elements managed by COMTECH devices
    The firm announces the DOCSIS 3.1 product family and DOCSIS monitoring.

  • Change of ownership in COMTECH - a new medium- and long-term strategy.
    COMTECH new headend platform.

  • Strategic agreement with Harmonic Inc. to develop a Remote PHY device family.

  • Introduction of the FTTB product family.
    New power grid monitoring product strategy.

    Comtech 30 Conference





"I have had a good experience with COMTECH Ltd during a longer project. The co-operation has been very good. The progress of the project was very satisfying and the communication was efficient as well. I have met very friendly and high motivated employees at COMTECH."

Ralf Herberg

Experte Engineering; Vodafone Kabel Deutschland GmbH; Germany

"The reason why we co-operate with COMTECH Ltd is because they give us competitive products which perfectly stand up to our requirements. The products’ operation safety and quality meet the highest requirements. Comtech Ltd is a realible partner for us because of the good co-operation and service background."

Gottfried Schaffelhofer

CEO; Schaffelhofer CATV-Service; Austria

"In 2012 Melita started looking for new amplifiers to upgrade the HFC network due to the continuous increase demand in bandwidth. After going through a number of solutions we met COMTECH guys at ANGA. They gave us a few options for amplifiers that suited Melita requirements. Throughout 2013 and 2014 we continued with these upgrades with no hiccups. Both the Sales team and the Technical team are very helpful. We are looking forward to continue working with COMTECH in the coming years!"

Roderick Cassar

Senior HFC Engineer; Melita plc.; Malta

"UPC Hungary works with COMTECH because: do not know the word „impossible”, they have solution for everything. Although they are small company but keep abreast of the times. They know very well the CATV business and always give us expert answers to our questions."

Zoltán Veres

Technical development and quality control director; UPC Magyarország Kft; Hungary

"The management and technical staff at Anvimur are impressed by the presentation and quality of COMTECH’s products. COMTECH provides a comprehensive range of products for fibre optic solutions that cover most jobs to be done on fibre optic networks. Anvimur will definitely promote COMTECH’s products for any project where they are required in Spain."

Meyricke Burgess

Import Purchasing Manager; Anvimur; Spain

"Some reasons why I recommend COMTECH: 1./ Wide range of products which covers the total need of active indoor and outdoor equipments applied in HFC networks. 2./ They offer a wide range of headend optical devices (receivers,transmitters) 3./ In case of special needs they react positively to new developments 4./ A great part of their devices posesses monitoring modules supplying information not only about the data of the devices and alerts but in certain cases they are appropriate for interventional operations too. 5./ Handling of the orders and the delivery conditions are also very favourable."

Tamás Havasi

Senior Network Operation Engineer, Vidanet Zrt; Hungary

"COMTECH Ltd. is the main supplier of active devices installed into the cable television network of Magyar Telekom Zrt (formerly T-Kábel) since 2005. Their products represent consistently a high technical quality and meet all the technical requirements defined by us. We use the following COMTECH products with satisfaction: Head-end optical and RF devices, optical nodes, amplifiers; Network monitoring system, which greatly helps the economical and reliable operation of our HFC network. They adapted to our special request flexibly in all cases and the required equipments were delivered on time. They are always ready to help in case of any problems and they provide excellent support for their products."

András Czipper

Head of CableTV Platform Development Department, Magyar Telekom Zrt, Hungary