COMTECH will present at ANGA.COM in 2024

ANGA COM is Europe’s leading business platform for Broadband, Television and Online. It brings together network operators, vendors and content providers on all issues of broadband and media distribution. The next show date is 14 to 16 May 2024 in Cologne/Germany.

ANGA COM’s key topics include Gigabit Networks, FTTH, HFC, 5G, OTT, AppTV, Cloud TV, Video Streaming, Artificial Intelligence, Smart City and Smart Home.

The last ANGA COM counted more than 470 exhibitors from 35 countries and 22,000 participants from more than 80 countries, Therefore, we, at COMTECH, cannot be missing from the lineup of exhibitors either. Look for our booth in Hall 8 B81.

As you might know for over three decades, COMTECH Kft., a Hungarian enterprise rooted in innovation and reliability, has been at the forefront of the cable television and broadband industry. Specializing in Hybrid Fibre-Coax (HFC) network solutions, we are dedicated to advancing technology in a market facing rapid change. Despite the industry's evolution towards optical networks, our commitment to the HFC domain stands firm, offering our clients stability and continuous development in their existing infrastructure.

Our Expertise and Offerings

At COMTECH, we pride ourselves on our dual focus: sustaining and upgrading traditional network infrastructures and pioneering in Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) solutions. This approach not only maximizes your existing investments but also aligns with future technological shifts, ensuring your network is both robust and ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

DAA Innovations

  • COMTECH R-Phy Node: Developed in partnership with Harmonic, this state-of-the-art device incorporates the advanced Pebble-1 module. It’s supported by our upgraded ComMon monitoring system, which – due to our new V-HMTS solution - now extends its capabilities to manage both traditional and R-PHY-based infrastructures seamlessly.
  • RMAC-PHY Solutions: Designed in collaboration with Sumavision, tailored to meet the specific needs of modern cable networks, these solutions push the envelope in terms of bandwidth and service quality. Implementation of such an infrastructure is very simple, even a small CaTV provider can afford it.

Traditional Network Enhancements

  • 2 GHz Network Solutions: Our comprehensive range includes high-performance amplifiers and nodes designed for existing analog systems, ensuring they meet current digital demands without full system replacements.
  • FTTB Solutions: By extending fiber to the building, we bring next-generation bandwidth closer to the subscriber while leveraging existing coaxial infrastructure within homes, minimizing customer disruption and facilitating faster service deployment.

Legacy Equipment Upgrades

We provide a lifeline for networks with legacy equipment from manufacturers like Motorola and Cisco, offering significant bandwidth upgrades and enhanced network performance through targeted interventions that avoid complete system overhauls.

Why Choose COMTECH?

Choosing COMTECH means investing in a partner renowned for its reliability and foresight. Unlike some of our competitors who have scaled back their commitments to the HFC industry, COMTECH continues to invest heavily in technology that supports both current infrastructure and future growth. Our solutions are designed to extend the life of your existing network while preparing it for the inevitable shift to full fiber optics, ensuring a seamless transition when the time comes.

Looking Forward

As we look to the future, COMTECH is excited about the possibilities of emerging technologies and our ongoing role in shaping the broadband landscape. Our research and development team is continuously seeking innovative ways to enhance network efficiency and service quality, ensuring our solutions not only meet but exceed the demands of tomorrow’s market.

Visit us at our booth in Hall 8 B81 to learn more about how partnering with COMTECH can transform your network infrastructure. Our team will be there to provide insights, demonstrations, and detailed discussions about how our products and services can meet your specific needs and prepare your network for the future.

If you would like to join us, we can provide a limited number of free tickets to the exhibition.