HFC and Low-Voltage Power Monitoring System Development

Comtech Ltd. has been awarded European Union funds for the development of HFC and low-voltage power monitoring systems under the GINOP Plusz-2.1.1-21 framework.

Based on the Partnership Agreement between the Hungarian Government and the European Union, Comtech Ltd.'s application was positively evaluated, granting the company a non-refundable support of HUF 330,164,656.

Comtech Ltd. conducts R&D activities and implements the project according to the technical and professional content outlined in the supportive opinion from the NKFI Office regarding governmental research, development, and innovation policy.

The planned completion date of the project's physical implementation is January 16, 2025.

In the case of the development of HFC network devices, the project aims to develop equipment based on the combination of analog HFC system technology and optical solutions implementing digital transmission. Comtech is developing its own  R-PHY node that can achieve this goal without significant network transformation or a complete step-by-step dismantling and rebuilding with fiber optics, making the development significantly innovative. With the help of this development, a rational and cost-effective system upgrade can be carried out with uninterrupted network operation, resulting in a purely optical network that also steadily follows technological advancements.

Additionally, based on the company's experience in telecommunications network monitoring, Comtech plans to launch a new business line in low-voltage network monitoring and aims to expand into the low-voltage power network monitoring market alongside the telecommunications market. The new portfolio is targeting the measurements and network quality monitoring in low- and medium-voltage networks that meet regulatory and quality assurance requirements.